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The Future of Money

The concept of what money is, how it is used for daily purchases as well as how we use it to make profit has changed.   Our goal is to bring the world of Cryptocurrency and the vast oppourtunity to "get in on the action" to a segment of society that historically has been kept at arms length away from any new innovation or changes that could directly impact their quality of life. 

If you do not understand Bitcoin, how it works or how blockchain technology is changing the very way we live.....Welcome!

Our Bitcoin ATM's Make it Easy

Our Bitcoin ATM network gives easy and affordable access to Bitcoin and other major crypto coins such as Litecoin & Bitcoin Cash.  They work just like a traditional ATM.  Simply insert cash and the "coins" are loaded on your smart phone from an app you download at the ATM kiosk.   

You can purchase as little as $20 worth of Bitcoin at our ATM's. Those coins can easily and instantly be converted back to US dollars anytime but we reccommend you wait for the value to change, which happens several times daily or hold as part of your long term investment strategy.    

Bitcoin ATM now available in Massachusetts

We are pleased to announce the installation of a Bitcoin ATM kiosk at Rasta Pasta Pizzeria 507 Rantoul St. Beverly, MA.   The Bitcoin ATM machine allows you to purchase an unlimited amount of Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency

  Please visit for directions and store hours. 

What is Bitcoin and How Does It Work?

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