Falling in Love....With Cryptos.

 Remember the first time you fell in love? What did it feel like?  This week we talk about Love and Cryptos and the moment your host Dana fell in love with Cryptos and blockchain technology.

The Crypto Bubble Is Over & The Boom is starting

Comparing the current state of cryptos to the early days of the Internet and Televison.   We also play a clip of the Today Show from 1994 when Katie Couric and Bryant Gumble ask their producer What is the Internet?

Two Billion Unbankable & Crypto is changing that

The world has 2 billion people who do not have a bank account and must use cash for everyday commerce.   Cryptocurrency is changing this in a major way.    

 Our second segment introduces GiveCrypto.org a new charity of Coinbase.com that aims to donate Cryptos to the unbankable of this world.  

Banks Suck and We Are All Suckers

Seems the banks are up to their old tricks again with random and outrageous fees and we are calling out their bad behavior.

Food is often used as a weapon by imposing sanctions on governments we don't agree with.  Blockchain is changing that.

Up to half of Cryptos are scams or dead projects.  


The Shot Heard Around the World but not in America

Many Countries scramble to adopt a blockchain based currency but the USA is not one of them.   

Buzzcoin is on the verge of disrupting the worldwide honey bee industry and the time to support this project is now. 

Bitcoin ATMs at Airports giving travelers a  less expensive way to change local money.  

Yobit Exchange is a Scam Run Away Don't Walk Away

This week we expose the crypto exchange Yobit.net  for the scammers that they are.  We also discuss upcoming Hollywood films that seem to always have a negative Crypto plot.   

The Cryptomania team also pats themself  on the back for predicting 3 coins that all have major gains in the past week. 

Cryptomania gets National Press

Our press release was picked up by over 270 media outlets in every major market in the USA including many ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affillates across America.

We also highlight several funny Bitcoin songs and our friend John Barrett with the podcast Bitcoins and Gravy. 

Calling out Warren Buffett

As the worlds monetary system is disrupted, some among us do not fully understand how it works.  Today we explore the reason why the same investors who hate putting money into gold also hate putting money into  Bitcoin a/k/a digital gold.

 We also feature a parody of differant types of Bitcoin users.

Banks, Who Needs Them?

The current banking system is 100's of years old and outdated to say the least.  Blockchain technology is the future of money and disrupting the the very core of their existence. 

Cryptos are the new Rock and Roll and here to stay

This week we discuss and compare Cryptos to when Rock and Roll came on the scene and changed the world forever. 

To Mine or Not to Mine?

The pros and cons of cryptocurrency mining and the power of owning Proof of Stake crypto coins. 

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